Penny Stocks to Watch

Last updated: 26 January 2017

Our dedicated team alerts members to the best penny stocks to watch in the market at any given time.

It is important that traders build a list of penny stocks on a regular basis, based around fundamental and technical analysis.

This helps us narrow down the best stocks to buy at a moment’s notice.

This is important because a stock can move quickly and it is important traders are prepared to act quickly. By having a penny stock list, individuals are able to act quickly and find the hot penny stocks to buy at a moments notice.

By acting quickly, a trader can get into a trade early and capture the biggest gains.

Why You Need To Act Fast

The top 10 stocks today may not be on the radar next month. This is because of the very market fluctuations we talked about previously. What does this mean for you? This means that when you receive our list, you will want to do your own research and act fast. We judge the stocks we pick on high gains with little risk. However, if you are looking at a list of ours from 4 months ago, those stocks may have been taken off of our list. These are penny stocks to buy now, not ten months down the road.

Which are the best stocks to watch?

We compile a list of the best penny stocks to watch on a daily basis and alert our members to those stocks that we feel have the best chance of success.

While there are opportunities to profit in the stock market every day, our experience shows the optimal numbers of trades per week is between 2-4. By limiting the number of trades, we can focus on the very best opportunities in the market, while staying clear of all the noise.

When individuals over-trade, they tend to make rash or ill-informed trades, resulting in unnecessary losses.

Over the past five years, we have have delivered around 2 free penny stock picks per week on average. On occasion, we might alert members to 3-4 stocks in a week, other weeks when the market is slow, there might not be any opportunities.

By being patient and waiting for the best setups, we can maximize our potential to buy the stocks with the biggest gains. This minimizes our losing trades, maximizes our winning trades, resulting in our trading portfolio increase in value much quicker than what normally could be achieved.

Come and join our team to receive to hottest penny stocks to watch that will give you the edge in the stock market by knowing which are the right stocks to buy now.