Penny Stocks for Dummies

Last updated: 26 January 2017

Our mission is to educate our members on how to become successful trading penny stocks following our list of penny stocks.

We don’t mean to be rude by saying we teach penny stocks for dummies, but when individuals are playing the stock market without knowing which penny stocks to buy, a dummy might be an accurate description.

Knowing how to buy stocks online is only part of the equation.

You need to know all about penny stocks to watch before you can consistently make money in the markets.

How do we teach penny stocks for dummies?

Traditionally, the way most people have learned to be successful in the stock market was through trial and error, and attending the school of hard knocks.

Growth Penny Stocks wants to change this formula. We don’t think it is necessary for some one to lose time and again just so they can learn from their mistakes. We want you to invest in penny stocks the right way – profitably!!!

We want you to learn from our past failures, and success, so you can start making insane gains right from day one.

In this section, we will teach the stock market for dummies. We assume you have at least a little understanding of the stock market and trading. If you need to start from scratch or want to brush up on your basic knowledge, there are fantastic basic stock market tutorials and resources on the internet, as well as some more advanced investing “how-to” articles.