List of Penny Stocks

Last updated: 26 January 2017

So, you picked up a free list of stocks to buy – now what? There are thousands of stocks being traded this hour alone and even more lists being prepared. Sometimes, you may find a penny stock watch list that you are really excited about, but something doesn’t seem right. The problem is that you simply do not know who or what penny stocks to buy. Before making a bad trade, learn a little bit about how we would go about examining a list of the best penny stocks to buy.

Ensure Your List of Penny Stocks is Up-to-Date

The biggest rookie mistake of them all is to gather up an old list of penny stocks and assume that it is still relevant. The stock market, as a whole, is very fickle. A company may be highly recommended today, but it simply isn’t relevant a month from now. There are far too many variables to trust a list that is old. Protect yourself by going with active lists, like ours that has been running for years, and ensuring that each list is updated.

Check Current Market Trends

A penny stock watch list is just that – a list of the best penny stocks to watch. This means that you should still do some research and maybe buy a stock that you deem worthy. Otherwise, you may be on the end of a bad trade. Before buying, look at the current market trends and more specifically, how the desired stock is performing. There are times when a list will go out, but something happened just hours later. Perhaps you missed your chance at buying the stock before it started to decline. Never just jump in and choose a stock without, at the very least, checking its current trends. This is a way to ensure you are not trading for a sliding stock.

Test Our Penny Stock List

Although we provide penny stocks to watch, we want you to test our list first without actually trading. First things first, you need to sign up for a couple of reputable stock brokers. In fact, every list should be tested before using your own money to make a trade. Simply keep an eye on the stocks that are on the watch list and see what happens to them. If they do rise within the next few weeks, you will know that our trading tactics simply work. There will always be stocks that do not performed as we had hoped, but if the majority of them do, you will be making your money back tenfold.

Our list of hot penny stocks is a guideline to the very trades that we make, or plan to make soon. There is a lot of research that goes into every list and we always try to determine just how much risk each stock we pick truly has before sending our penny stocks to you. Through years of providing the utmost in industry news and the best ways to trade, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of stocks to watch. Join us, receive our free list of penny stocks, and see what we are able to predict about companies that others simply overlook or undervalue.