Hot Penny Stocks

Last updated: 26 January 2017

There are over 8,000 companies listed on the stock market. Deciding which stocks to buy is overwhelming to most people.

This is where the Growth Penny Stocks team is here to help.

We scan the markets, read breaking news, look through SEC filings, listen to company shareholder meetings, read corporate press releases, monitor social media, follow prominent traders and investors, and track successful stock newsletters – all to find the very best stocks to buy at any given time.

Do you tell me which penny stocks to buy?

Our mission is to bring our members these profitable free penny stock picks so they can consistently win in the markets.

Our team focuses on micro-small cap stocks, usually trading under $5 with relatively small market capitalization. We give our members the top 10 penny stocks to buy at any given time.

There are many factors that influence which penny stocks to watch at any given time. Fundamental research and analysis into the company is important as it helps determine which penny stock to buy.

Technical analysis, or a study of the stock’s chart, is also very important as it helps us determine the right time to buy a stock.

Other factors such as the penny stock companies share structure, float, news flow and investor sentiment are also very important.

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We combine all of this information to determine the best penny stocks to buy.

Most often referred to as “penny stocks”, these companies typically trade on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets. The advantage of trading and investing in penny stocks is their ability to make large gains in a small period of time.

Penny stocks are not often covered by main steam media, and therefore many of these companies go undiscovered – and are therefore often highly undervalued.

With the right tools, education and a little discipline, our team can give you the best list of penny stocks to buy to increase your portfolio in record time.

For example, we alerted members to stocks such as CHLO, which gained 4,125% in just two days, and MKRS, which gained 1,100% in one day.

While we do not see these picks every day, they do represent what is possible when trading penny stocks. Try finding gains like that on the big boards!

So if you want to make fast money today, follow us to know what penny stocks to buy right now and start your journey to become a successful and profitable trader.